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at FachPack Nürnberg from September 24th - 26th 2019


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Our trade show highlights


Teaser Querbahnetikettierer (Kopie) [ID: 9514]

New generation of cross web labellers

At FachPack 2019 we presented for the first time the new generation of cross web labellers.


Teaser Alternative Packkonzepte (Kopie) [ID: 9515]


Packaging concepts for reduced consumption of packaging materials and increased recyclability


The consumption of packaging material can be reduced significantly by an optimised pack design and the use of innovative packaging concepts – we support the packaging industry with our many years of experience, expertise and professional advice.


Teaser X-Line (Kopie) [ID: 9516]



Thanks to its comprehensive sensor system and seamless digitalisation, the new X-line machine generation creates a new dimension, when it comes to packaging reliability, quality and performance.


Full-Wrap Teaser (Kopie) [ID: 9517]


Full Wrap Labelling


Full wrap labels offer a broad range of competitive advantages in comparison to other labelling solutions. In addition to their function as an information medium, they are increasingly becoming an important design element of retail packs. This way, they help the brand owners to increase the differentiation of the product at the Point of Sale and to offer further value to the consumer.